Lesson of The Day

In my office we have using a program which is called FMP. Everytime
we log-in, there will be quotes appear and one of them is ' All Great
and Honorable Actions are Accompanied with Great Difficulties" by
William Bradford.
It is like a flash light to my mind for a while and make me
think......there are many things happen in our life and some time we
got great achievement and followed by reward.
However, it also sometime followed by difficulty that comes from
others that dislike to our success. Did you or have you ever feel the
same? well not always the same thing happen, but then when you meet
this kind of situation then you may come back and read the quote that
I have mentioned above then you will realize that is just a normal
thing...and it is a peace of cake and we can pass it through :)
Life is too beautiful to the mess up with small things....


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