Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CinTa BerSabarLah by LETTO

Damn....a good and touching song I've ever heard
Here is the lyric :)
Walau sehari ku tak berhenti
Untuk mencari bunga hati

Oh rasa cinta bersabarlah menantinya
Oh rasa cinta bersabarlah menantinya

Begitu lama aku mencoba
dan sampai kini tak berdaya

repeat reff

Walau tak ku punya
Tapi ku percaya cinta itu indah
Walau tak terlihat
Tapi ku percaya cinta itu indah

repeat reff [2x]

Walau tak ku punya
Tapi ku percaya cinta itu indah

Thursday, August 4, 2011

ResTauRant ReNon - Dim Sum PaRty

Last night I had dinner with friends at Restaurant Renon
Most of the menu are chinese foods. What make this place is special? Well the Dim Sum is cheap and delicious such as: Hakaw, Chongfan (Prawn), Lo Ma Kai (Chicken), Siomay, Bakpao (Chicken) name it coz all yummy :)
This Restaurant is Halal which mean they don't have Pork on their menu and moslem are welcome to visit
Jl. Cok Agung Tresna 85 Renon, Denpasar (Bali-Indonesia)
Telp: +62-361-7805000
I really recommended this place to visit whenever you are in Bali...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lesson of The Day

In my office we have using a program which is called FMP. Everytime
we log-in, there will be quotes appear and one of them is ' All Great
and Honorable Actions are Accompanied with Great Difficulties" by
William Bradford.
It is like a flash light to my mind for a while and make me
think......there are many things happen in our life and some time we
got great achievement and followed by reward.
However, it also sometime followed by difficulty that comes from
others that dislike to our success. Did you or have you ever feel the
same? well not always the same thing happen, but then when you meet
this kind of situation then you may come back and read the quote that
I have mentioned above then you will realize that is just a normal
thing...and it is a peace of cake and we can pass it through :)
Life is too beautiful to the mess up with small things....

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

AFF 2010

It is true that finally Malaysia has won AFF 2010 competition and
Indonesia Football Team as the runner up. However, as an Indonesian
citizen all I can say is I am so proud to my football team ' Pasukan
They've been performed optimally and struggle to win the 2nd leg
final. For about 91 minutes, all players have been all out and fight
to score goal and yet 2-1 for Indonesia. We're just lost by aggregate
score 4-2 in 2 games final AFF 2010.
Pasukan Garuda now is different, coach by Alfred Riedl bring a fresh
atmosphere for the team performance. I am confident that in the next
few years Indonesia Football team will rise up and become #1 in South
East Asia :) as long as they keep the spirit of fair play and play
all out in every game. Everything is possible including to be
participated in the World Cup (biggest dream). Hidup Pasukan Garuda -
Long Life Indonesia!

Monday, July 5, 2010

SuPeR SaLe - BaLi

During holiday season for student which is around July there is always super sale by Billabong, Rip Curl and also Surfer Girl
Bukan hal, yang baru lagi kalo brand surfing yang aku sebutin itu ngadain sale besar-besaran up to 90%. Cuman namanya diskon kudu pinter-pinter milihlah (standard prosedur)....kalo aku pribadi prefer produk-produk Rip Curl - keren aja and kalo diskon ya diskon alias bisa dapet harga miring.
Salah satu pilihan belanja di Bali, biasanya selain July will happen again in December jadi mid year and end of the year biasanya ada diskon gini.
Here is alamat tempat sale:

Jln.By Pass Ngurah Rai 11g Simpang Siur - Kuta - Bali - Indonesia

Surf Factory Outlet (Rip CurL, RoXy, VoLcom):
Jl. I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Kuta

Surfer GirL:
Lupa alamatnya and brosing juga ngga nemu, yang pasti yang deket Pertokoan Istana Kuta Galeria ya, bukan yang di Jl. Legian :)

Happy ShoP!

Friday, June 25, 2010

32nd BaLi ART FeSTiVaL 2010

Bali Art Festival is yearly event in Bali, in is the 32nd time.
Pesertanya sekarang sekarang semakin luas dan ngga terbatas dari
Kabupaten-kabupaten di provinsi Bal, tapi dari berbagai provinsi di
Indonesia bahkan Mancanegara.
Untuk jadwal kegiatan, bisa mengunjungi alamat web ini:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

BaLi WindY-SuNnY

Bali weather is keep unstable, sometime cloudy in the morning and yet
could be change to smile sunny in the afternoon. Beberapa hari
terakhir juga mulai dingin and angin juga cukup kencang berhembus
terlebih di malam hari. Salah satu temanku yang tinggal di Perth
bilang di Ausie juga lagi musim dingin, kali Bali kena efeknya :D
Tapi kalo buat jalan-jalan cuaca masi mendukung, dan cenderung lebih
nyaman karena ngga panas ngga menyengat....
Keep u update dengan kabar dari Bali, kalo mo tanya - tanya kirim aja
email ya...enjoy your travel kalo ada yg pas lagi ke Bali

Sunday, June 13, 2010

HunnY HosTeL

Lot people are crazy about traveling, even with low budget. I like traveling too especially go with friends.
As Air Asia has offer thousands free seats to travel mostly across Asia. To spend your night you do not have to go to deluxe hotel, well this is for Backpacker or Traveler with low budget, or maybe you have money but boring stay in deluxe hotel
There are many hostels available around Asia - South East Asia, such as Thailand, Singapore, KL (Kuala Lumpur) and Jakarta (Indonesia).
If you have plan to visit Jakarta, which is Indonesia's capital city, there is hostel available for you.
I want to introduce you to my friend hostel, its Hunny Hostel. Strategic location and comfort place and of course with affordable rate. You can click here! to find out more about the hostel or you can browse it through

Monday, May 31, 2010

ThE RaiN

Well, my post title is like a band name in Indonesia, The Rain. But
no, I'm not gonna post about this band. My posting now it is about
the weather happen in Bali at this moment.
Based on the news I have read, now should be is the beginning of Dry
Season, but guest what? It's Rainy, and already for few days.
The weather is remind unstable and it's not imposible that if in the
morning you'll meet heavy rain and the in the afternoon...the sun
smile so brightly :)
Anyway, if you have plan to visit Bali just keep the faith, there are
many places to go to visit...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

FroM AdmiN DesK aka RinaBecks

Well, awal baru untuk blog ini - I'm going to optimize this blog for more useful things. What is that?

Ya, Bali kan terkenal dengan pariwisatanya and dari pengalaman sebelumnya, temen and sodara yang mo ke Bali, selalu nanya mengenai Hotel, Rent Car, and Objek Wisata.
Na, siapa aja diantara kamu yang ada pertanyaan/informasi ato udah pernah ke Bali and pengen beli sesuatu di Bali silahkan kirim email ke
Aku akan share informasi.
Well ngga sekedar itu aja si,seperti yang udah aku infoin diatas - mungkin ada dr kamu yang udah pernah ke Bali and pengen beli souvenir/kerajinan dari Bali, aku bisa 'bantu' well tentu yang satu ini aku nawarin service/jasa artinya ada 'ongkosnya' :D but it can be negotiate
Anyway, just email me if you need information soalnya selain aku nyoba hal baru tentu aja juga nambah link teman ;)