Monday, January 12, 2009

PaLesTine and GaZa Strip

Palestine and Gaza Strip, these two words are in everyday news lately. Yes, because of Israel attacked Palestine.
I am not going to talk about politic or whatever related, I've rather choose to read and find out why this crisis betwen two coutries like never end.

I did sourced in Internet and got many sources, yet I am still in process to find out what is all about, one of quite complete information is from Wiki
But , I guess I need to dig more and read more articles as comparison
For what happen now in Palestine, I'm sure and have faith as always that Allah knows and will protect Palestine and I pray everyday that Allah SWT will bring freedom to Palestine and also bring Palestine to be better country, a save place for children and women...Your pray, everyone pray is also helpfull..Amin

Pic Source: MSN Encarta