Saturday, January 12, 2008


Whew, everyday I get more and more tasks to do. As part of purchasing team in my current office, I must be ready for daily purchase requests from all departments.
Actually this area is new for me, previously I was doing admin task and only related with documents and filing. I must learn to adjust my self for new experience and also knowledge as well

My company is produce spices, mainly is Vanilla Extract. Our market is Europe and America, and some local customers. Beside spices, we also have candle as one of our products, it is California Candle.
Furthermore, as Industrial Company, it will bring complex demand in purchasing. There are so many things to buy from raw mat, stationary, maintenance and engineering tools and also from research and development product (R&D), plus from quality control (QC) department.
It is hard, because I need to do sourcing through phone call or sometime I did some trips around my city to get the best supplier for the best quote.
Above all, the positive impact are many, such as: now I know more people or in other word I get additional channels, and then by learning something new, I get more knowledge about many things…you may say standard :D
Well, I think by saying go to work: It means that we must be ready for everything, we will meet the same challenge in every kind of jobs. It is okay, if sometime you feel down (yeah…coz I did feel that too) but do not forget to stand up faster and do the best you can do and let people judge the result. Be responsible for every step you did and you will feel free inside :)

picture source: Istock

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bali Safari & Marine Park

Yuhuu…on the las day of year 2007, I’ve visited Bali Safari & Marine Park at Gianyar Region.
I was so exited, and then let me share the story with you. Oke, seperti biasa tentu ada entry fee buat wisatawan local kena charge IDR75.000 (adult) dan wisatawan asing $25. Trus kita dikasi semacam ID bentuknya seperti gelang juga ditambah map. Yuk, kita menjelajah…

Di map, kita bisa temukan informasi juga letak semua wahana di Taman Safari ini, cuman buat masukan aku sarankan ke Terminal Toraja dulu, disini kita bisa menggunakan bus untuk melakukan Safary Exploration (Main attraction). Aku saranin ini soalnya antriannya lama apalagi kali musim liburan kale. Oh iya selama Safary Exploration jangan lupa dengerin informasi dari guide-nya ya because ada Quiz dengan hadiah menarik ;)
Setelah itu baru deh keliling ke wahana-wahan laen karena nggak perlu antri. Yang menarik lainnya adalah ada beberapa shows seperti:
1.Animal Education show di Hannuman Stage
2.Elephan Conservation &Education Show di Kampung Gajah
3.Elephant Bathing di Ganesha
4.Balinese Holy Water Procession di Tirta Selasih
5.Balinese Bamboo Music di Terminal Bali
6.Balinese Dancing Class di Bale Banjar
Pokoke, di map/peta udah lengkap semuanya, please read it carefully kalo emang ada yang berkunjung ya, jangan separti aku waktu itu soalnya sempet antri lumayan lama hampir 2 jam, buat ikutan Safary Exploration. By the way, kita juga kudu perhatiin larangan-larangan yang ada di beberapa lokasi karena berkaitan dengan kenyamanan penghuni Taman Safari :D
Oke deh, kalo ke Bali jangan lupa ya mampir.....