AFF 2010

It is true that finally Malaysia has won AFF 2010 competition and
Indonesia Football Team as the runner up. However, as an Indonesian
citizen all I can say is I am so proud to my football team ' Pasukan
They've been performed optimally and struggle to win the 2nd leg
final. For about 91 minutes, all players have been all out and fight
to score goal and yet 2-1 for Indonesia. We're just lost by aggregate
score 4-2 in 2 games final AFF 2010.
Pasukan Garuda now is different, coach by Alfred Riedl bring a fresh
atmosphere for the team performance. I am confident that in the next
few years Indonesia Football team will rise up and become #1 in South
East Asia :) as long as they keep the spirit of fair play and play
all out in every game. Everything is possible including to be
participated in the World Cup (biggest dream). Hidup Pasukan Garuda -
Long Life Indonesia!


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